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L’Institut Historica-Dominion est le plus large organisme national charitable au Canada dédié à l’histoire, l’identité et la citoyenneté du pays. À travers nos programmes, nous sommes déterminés de former des citoyens actifs et informés. Nous aimerons partager nos histoires et impressions lorsque nous tentons d’assurer une encore plus forte appréciation du patrimoine Canadien. Nous vous invitons de partager avec nous.

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A former Research and Collections Officer of The Memory Project Archive, Marie-Eve Vaillancourt-Deleris relocated to Courseulles-sur-Mer, France in 2010, to work as the Program Manger of the Juno Beach Centre.

Marie-Eve recently sent over an update on life at the Juno Beach Centre in the Fall of 2011, including the exciting discovery of a new German tunnels and bunkers located not far from the Centre. Here is Marie-Eve, inside the tunnels, which has been covered for 60 some years. 

Marie-Eve described the importance of this discovery:

"In the 1950’s local teenagers used to hang out in these tunnels or vestiges, which are part of former Nazi defence lines. The tunnels used to be accessible, but being located to close to the sea, over the years these tunnels naturally filled up with sand. It was through a stroke of luck that the brother of the Centre’s Director remembered the approximate location of the opening to the tunnel and the crew were able to dig out the sand for a day of shooting. Which reiterates the importance of sharing stories and experiences from one generation to the next. If we loose one generation’s knowledge of these things, history can slip into the sand forever.”

After a studious visit of the museum, the solemn discovery of a German Bunker and Juno Beach, young visitors to the Centre let loose and show their energy!

Additional articles on life at the Juno Beach Centre are available over at the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmaments Studies website. 

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